Tips for vendors

If you are selling your property, we refer to you as a “seller”. As your lawyer for your property transaction, we will lead you through all the legal steps necessary to ensure your sale goes through smoothly and legally.

There are some things your lawyer cannot do so you must do these things yourself. They are not the legal things but sometimes are equally as important.

The buyer of your property should do a pre-purchase inspection. Assuming they have done so and found everything satisfactory you should then maintain the premises to the same standard to avoid any post-settlement disputes. If there are no broken windows or rubbish lying around the property at inspection time you could run into trouble if the buyer finds these types of things when they move in.

You need to be aware that the sale can go through any time after 9am. Once the buyer pays for the property, they will want to move straight in so you must be moved out. It is a good idea to be packed up, cleaned up and ready to go – the buyer may well have packed their moving truck the night before so they may not be far away from turning up ready and expecting to move straight in.

There is no legal obligation to leave the place clean and tidy but as you are probably also moving into another house yourself – why not leave the place as you would like to find your new home when you move in.

Key tips

There are also some things you should NOT do

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