benefits of online conveyancing

Benefits of Online Conveyancing Services

At Home Transfer Centre we run a paperless office which means our staff can access the information necessary to assist you from any of our three offices. It has also meant that during Covid-19 Lockdowns our team were able to continue working from home with limited disruption to our ability to act for you. 

Whilst we have three offices across Dunedin and Auckland we also offer virtual appointments via phone or video. Wherever you are in New Zealand – or overseas – as long as it is a New Zealand property or transaction – we can help. 

Easy appointments

With a cloud based electronic system you can meet with one of our team from anywhere at all just by giving us a call or sending an email. 

Easy to sign and send forms and information

Any documentation can be completed, signed and emailed through to us without a face to face appointment. Some documents may need to be witnessed by a Justice of the Peace, find a JP near you here

Wide range of staff knowledge

Our electronic filing system means that all of our staff can access your files to assist if specialised experience or a second opinion is required. 

Fixed Prices

Our fixed prices mean that it doesn’t matter who you speak to, or for how long – there will be no change to the quoted fee so you always know exactly how much our services are costing you.

Full Range of Services

Our staff are situated across the country which allows us to provide a wide range of services. Our Property Law and Conveyancing specialists are complemented by staff with a huge range of knowledge in Trusts, Wills and Estates as well as Rural and Commercial transactions. We do not need to have an expert in each facet of the law in every office as it is easy for our staff to access files electronically. 

Sell Anywhere, Buy Anywhere

Anywhere at all in New Zealand, no matter where you are buying and selling, we have a property law specialist to assist you. You may sell in one part of New Zealand and buy in another – the price and process is the same.