Fees FAQ

How much will it cost me to buy a house?

Our base fee for a purchase is $ $1300. This is a flat fee and includes GST, Office Expenses, Disbursements, Phone Calls and Emails, File Set up Fee, Photocopying which are generally added to other Lawyers invoices at the end. Additional charges to the base fee will be applied based on your requirements and will be detailed up front. We aim to be transparent and reasonable so there are no unexpected costs after your transaction is complete. Click here to see our fees and calculate an estimate.

How much will it cost to refinance?

The base rate for a straightforward refinance (one mortgage coming off the title and one new mortgage) is $1250. Additional charges will apply depending on your refinancing situation. Extra titles, unit title properties, mortgages with guarantees and properties not owned by individuals for example will incur additional fees. Click here to see our fees and calculate an estimate.

How much will it cost for a will?

A simple will starts from $500. Give us a call to discuss your requirements and we will give you an accurate cost.

Why do your fees differ to other legal firms?

We believe it is important to give our clients fully transparent costs, up-front so there are no surprises when their matter is finalised. We have worked hard to develop a flat fee structure at a level that covers our costs, is reasonable and is completely transparent to our clients. 

How do we pay you?

For Property transactions, our fees are presented up front and are agreed at the time of engagement, they are then deducted when the funds arrive in our account. In some cases an alternative agreement is made but this is always done very early in the process so that you, and us, know exactly what is agreed. For general services such as Wills, we will invoice you once the work is complete.